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Building a business that makes life better (especially for women and queer people)? It's no small feat

Let's make it easy for your readers to take action by creating copy that makes you sound like the trusted source of badassery you are

Kaitlyn was super responsive and easy to work with. Once I briefed her about the product (which is pretty confusing), she took off and was able to work independently. I really appreciated that because I didn't have the time or energy to also manage a freelancer. Kaitlyn's a brand personality and brand voice genius. She helped me take copy that had been pretty boring/functional and turn it into something that was FUN to read.”
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Grace Baldwin, Content Strategist, Hiber

Finding the words to communicate your message and make your reader feel invited to take action (all at once) can be hard

Virtual high five me if this sounds like you:

  • You know what you do is valuable, but it’s difficult to put that value into words, especially words that get your readers to say yes


  • You want to be known as a trusted thought leader in your industry

  • You want it to feel easy for people to understand what you do, even if what you do is a little complicated, nuanced, or quirky

  • You’ve seen other companies market with shame-based tactics, and you’re not about that. Wouldn’t it be great if we could infuse some joy into this weird cesspool of doom we call the internet?

  • You’ve put a lot of thought into your business’s values, and you want your values to come across in your copy and branding

  • You want to attract new supporters, generate donations/sales, and build a memorable brand, but you're in it for a deeper reason than profit. You want to create a lasting impact

  • You’re busy, so you want to work with a copywriter you can trust to get it right (on the first or second round of edits, not the seventeenth)


I'm here to make all of that feel easy

I'm Kaitlyn — your resident mission-driven copywriter, brand voice specialist, and inclusive language nerd. I help mission-driven leaders attract lifelong supporters and build unforgettable brands, so they can go on changing lives (and so they can get some rest while their website generates support all on its own. Not all heroes take naps, but I strongly believe they should 😴)

I know you can accomplish great things with the power of phenomenal copy on your side

And I’m rooting for you
“Kaitlyn challenges you to better align your words with your goals. Too many of us lack the ability to see that our intent does not match our words and we are left wondering why people can't see it. She can see the bigger picture, connect your words with your intent, and create something actionable and meaningful for the reader.

-A satisfied client

What if your copy could embody your values?

Together, we can make your prospects feel supported, empowered,  and seen. Because the marketing we believe in? It makes your readers feel good about themselves. And guess what? It works

The words on your website can...

Make your reader feel comfortable

Imagine your reader stumbles into a shop they've never been to before. Do you want them to feel cozy and warm when they walk in? At ease? Lit up? Inspired? Welcome?

We can channel your intent and make sure your reader feels it when they read your copy

Meet your reader right where they're at and walk them through next steps without judgment or shame

Because you understand that it’s hard to invest in something, even when that thing is really great. And you know that clear communication and empathy are the best ways to help someone make the right decision for themselves

Answer your readers' questions and address their concerns, so the decision to support you feels simple

By the time they finish reading your copy, there’s no selling or explaining left for you to do. Your reader is excited to support you, and they know exactly what to do next

Tell amazing stories that showcase your expertise, your community, and your unique value proposition

So that anyone who interacts with your website remembers you, knows exactly what you do, sees themselves in your story, and trusts you to do what you do better than anyone else

The best part?

When your copy does all of that work for you, it frees up time so you can get back to being a goofball with your humans, streaming Parks & Rec for the 16th time, or sitting on a beach with a book in your hands. We believe in work-life balance around here

For copy that inspires practical support, makes your readers feel seen, and sounds like you, click that button

My clients are kind of the best

Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 6.46_edited.png

Do I look at this every time I have imposter syndrome? Yes. Yes, I do

“Honestly, take advantage while Kaitlyn is fresh and new and relatively undiscovered. She's incredibly talented and I feel like she'll be highly in demand and booked out really, really soon.”

Annie Bacher, Copywriter

Get copy that speaks to your people, sounds like you, and takes the hustling off your plate

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