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It's daunting to write copy when you're competing with so much noise

What if your brand could stand out by making your potential customer feel good?

There is too. much. content.

Especially in the sex, health, and fem wellness space. Often it's shaming, misleading, or both. Sometimes it's even dangerous. And it’s not just sitting there, waiting for you (or your prospect) to read at their leisure. It's more like if your prospect walked into a library and the books flew off the shelves and started yelling at them. All at once. “Hey, did you know you would be 50% happier if you…” “The ONE thing that every person in a healthy relationship (besides you) is doing…” “This product will balance your hormones, make you younger, and you will save five million dollars if you buy it this afternoon,” and by the way, “You (still) have 20,000 unopened emails, 1 friend request, and 2 missed calls.” Are you feeling a sudden instinct to throw your phone in a pool? Yeah, same

All of that content trying to sell your prospect on buying this thing in the next 5 seconds so they’ll have a better sex life, age backwards, and achieve lifelong happiness? It makes them feel bad
Having to compete with that? It can make you feel like you don’t want to touch anything marketing-related with a 10-foot pole.
But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Shame-based marketing is out. Let's usher in a new era of pleasure-based marketing

  • What if your words could meet your reader right in the nitty gritty of their day, validate their feelings, and give them a high five for making it through another Monday? ✋🏻
  • Or immediately remind them that they matter and they are welcome in your community
  • What if it was possible to infuse JOY and confidence into your copy? To sound like yourself?
  • And what if that type of marketing could still sell? To the right people. In a consensual, mutually-beneficial way
Pssst. It can
Hi. I'm Kaitlyn

Writing copy that converts leads into customers (while putting a smile on their face) is my jam


I love it so much that I chose to do it professionally


And I don’t know you yet, but I’m hoping you’ll introduce yourself and tell me more about how your business is changing the world, because that’s something I can get behind. I think we’d make a pretty great team


Turns out, making words fun, supportive, and welcoming to read is actually the best way to reach leads

You can have copy that doesn't compromise your integrity, and still sells

When your prospects feel seen and heard, they’re wayyyy more likely to say yes to what you're selling. They’re more likely to feel good (about their decision to buy your product and in general). And most importantly? You’re more likely to feel good. 


Because when you write words that feel authentic to your values, you don’t have to get squirmy or self-conscious every time you hit send on an email or post something on social media.

Together, we can write the shame-free, high-converting copy of your dreams

We can...

Tell stories that make new leads remember you

Answer your prospects’ questions

Make sure your values come across in your copy


Build edits and feedback into our process


Create copy that attracts new customers, generates revenue, and builds long-term brand awareness

So you can...

Stand out as a trusted thought leader in your industry

Spend less time telling people what you do, and more time doing it

Feel proud to share what you do, without worrying about anything getting lost in translation

Rest easy knowing that we’ll get every word right


Continue changing the world (or at least the world for your customers) for years to come


Oh, and sell!

When your copy helps your reader understand what you do, why it's valuable, and how your product would be useful for them, they're ready to seal the deal. And when you don't have to do all that selling, it frees up time so you can get back to being a goofball with your humans, streaming The Office for the 16th time, or sitting on a beach with a book in your hands. We believe in work-life balance around here.

Start a conversation about compelling customer success stories that convert prospects into customers, so you can get back to doing... well? All that other stuff on your plate

My clients are kind of the best

Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 4.15.19 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 6.46_edited.png
Screenshot_2021-09-01 Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and
Kaitlyn was super responsive and easy to work with. Once I briefed her about the product (which is pretty confusing), she took off and was able to work independently. I really appreciated that because I didn't have the time or energy to also manage a freelancer. Kaitlyn's a brand personality and brand voice genius. She helped me take copy that had been pretty boring/functional and turn it into something that was FUN to read.”

Grace Baldwin, Hiber

“Honestly, take advantage while she's fresh and new and relatively undiscovered. She's incredibly talented and I feel like she'll be highly in demand and booked out really, really soon.”

Annie Bacher

With the Right Platform, Everything Is Possible

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